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Friday, February 15, 2008

Gettin' Warm and Cosi on Valentine's Day

For our first Valentine's Day, my husband and I toasted S'Mores at a local restaurant called Cosi. I just thought it was the coolest idea, to toast marshmellows at a restaurant in the middle of February. My husband wasn't surprised when I pulled out my camera...

I also have been very inspried lately by this blog,
It has a bunch of interiews from people all over that are great crafty artistic people. They also put links to their blogs and etsy shops, which has been awesome. I don't try to steal other peoples ideas, but sometimes, to see people doing something, it inspires you, by saying, "if they are doing it, I can too!" So check it out!

I am very excited too! My hubby and I are going away this weekend to Boston. I have always wanted to go to the New England Aquarium, and so since it is Valentine's Day weekend, we are going to stay overnight in the city and make a weekend out of it. *Bubbling with excitement*

I will be sure to have lots of pics from the weekend when we get back. See you all then!

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Jenrosesegrest said...

How awesome it must have been making smores at your own private lil table, how romantic...le sigh,
xoxo jen