My mom is my true inspiration. From the first time she sat me down with food coloring-dyed macaroni and some glue, I was hooked on everything crafty. My mom is my best friend and biggest fan! Mom, this is for you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Butterfly Mini Notes

These are some new creations from a super cool punch that I bought recently. The punch is on some dark purple paper with a hem stich on the bottom of the front (purely decorative). The inside is pink with my own design printed on it. They can be used for anything I think, mini happy notes, gift tags, "love you" notes on your bathroom mirror....

They measure about 2 x 1.5" folded, so they are a cute addition to anything. I added a sticky foam pad to the back of each one to make them easy to stick them til your heart's content.

They are very girly girl I think, what with the pink, purple and the butterfly. I have become more and more girly as time passes. It kind of grosses me out. But I am learning to embrace it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful notecards! I'm becoming a little more girly myself with time. Things I used to say "too girly" to, I now say "wow, that's pretty"!

moonmystic said...

Beautiful, Love the color!